Custom Sur-Mesure Service

Whether you require a bespoke dress for a special event, a tailored women’s suit, a couture wool coat with a perfect fit, or simply wish to elevate your wardrobe, our unique couture sur-mesure service is made for you.

"Few offer this service here with as much talent and understanding of the body as Elisa." - Karine Vanasse

We offer three different levels of made-to-measure pieces:

1 | Firstly, many of the pieces in our regular collection are always made-to-measure and this service is included in the price of these items. Shop the Made-to-measure collection page.

After ordering, Elisa will contact you to confirm your measurements.

2 | Our second tier of made-to-measure is available on any piece in Elisa’s collections (even ones that aren’t listed as made-to-measure) and allows colour of your choice, as well as small design modifications such as sleeve or dress length, or a small collar modification.

The price is typically 15% to 35% more than regular prices, entirely depending on the changes required.

3 | Finally, Elisa offers a top-tier fully customizable bespoke sur-mesure service that allows the complete design inspired by your ideas and to suit your preferences.

After discussing your desires during a first appointment, Elisa draws the outfit as discussed, proposes different fabrics, and gives you the budget accordingly. Afterwards, fittings with Elisa will be scheduled depending on the complexity of the garment.

Pricing is established at the order and based on design and pattern, sewing time, fabric selected, and number of fittings needed to be scheduled; a truly unique piece with a dream fit just for you.