Small brand, Big values

Less is more.

We believe that less is more. Elisa's pieces are designed to be versatile and often essential - even multifunctional - to allow us and our inner minimalist to streamline a wardrobe and function with less. It's also why we prefer a minimalist aesthetic, with the aim of transcending time and shunning trends, so that you can have truly enduring style.

Make to stand the test of time.

We believe that we can and should have a long-term relationship with the clothes we buy. That a wardrobe is an investment, not a collection of disposable items. That's why we make clothing with high quality finishes and Elisa chooses high quality, durable, and sustainable fabrics for her timeless designs. So these garments have the potential to be passed down from mother to daughter, as they were generations ago.

Only local production.

We believe it is important to invest in our local economy. And we also believe that it is wasteful, not to mention dubious, to crisscross the globe for production, which often means turning a blind eye to how workers are treated. That's why we're 100% designed, cut and sewn (and knitted!) in Montreal - and always have been.

Waste not.

We care passionately about our planet and the future of humanity on it. That's why we do things the way we want the rest of the world to do them. We work on a small scale, with limited micro-production, so there is no overproduction and very little waste.

In fact, Elisa has even innovated a circular economy within our own production, resulting in a zero waste collection. That's right, our plant-based fabric scraps are collected and turned into the beautiful handmade paper used for our own price tags (among other things), all with the help of local artisans.

Fair price.

As Elisa likes to say, "I don't cut corners, I like squares too much". The price on the tag reflects the cost of paying an ethical and fair price of making the piece, including premium fabrics and fair wages for the expertise of our artisans and suppliers in Montreal.

There is no markup for a giant marketing campaign that inflates the price. Just the real value. The true cost of making long-lasting pieces.

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