Our Core Values

Less is more.

At ELISA C-ROSSOW, we fundamentally believe less is more. By design, our pieces are meant to be versatile – even multifunctional – in order to allow us and our inner minimalist to streamline a closet and function with less. It’s also why we prefer a minimal aesthetic with an aim to transcend time and shy away from trends so you can have truly lasting style.

Quality over quantity.

Our belief is quality is infinitely more important than quantity. And that we can and should have a long-term relationship with the clothing we buy. That’s why we make high quality finishes and choose durable fabrics for our collections. It’s also why we work on a small-scale, with quality controlled limited productions and don’t mass produce. For more information on our fabrics see our Durable Fabrics page.

Local production.

We believe investing in our local economy is important. And we also believe criss-crossing the globe for production is wasteful, not to mention dubious, as it often means turning a blind eye to how workers are treated. That’s why we are 100% designed, cut and sewn (and knit!) in Montreal – and always have been! For more details, on our production methods see our Locally & Ethically Made page.

Circular economy.

We strive for zero waste and one way we have done this is through the creation of a circular economy within our own production. Our plant based fabric scraps are collected and transformed into the beautiful handmade paper used for our own price tags (among other things) with the help of local artisans. And of course, they are printed in Montreal by hand, before being tied to each of our garments.

Waste not.

We passionately care about our planet and our future in it. That’s why we do things the way we wish the rest of the world would. We don’t over produce collections or waste fabric in production, and we certainly don’t burn or toss excess inventory. Please have a look at our High-end, Low impact page for details on our eco-friendly processes.