Durable Fabrics

It's not only our fine finishes that are durable, it's the same with our luxurious fabrics as well.

We’ve consulted experts in circular textiles and through this we know the most sustainable materials have superior durability, need little or no chemicals in production and have the ability to ultimately disappear into nature without a trace not just be recycled. Which is why we prefer high-quality natural fabrics at ELISA C-ROSSOW.

Having said that, finding the most ecological fabrics and materials (recycled wools, organic materials, organic dyes etc.) to meet our high standards is a continuous process as we discover new suppliers in an evolving industry.

Our favourite (and most frequent) materials we work with are wools, both 100% wool and wool blended with other natural material (we never use wools mixed with synthetic materials). They are biodegradable, durable, breathable, don’t wrinkle easily, and all our fine wools are soft and smooth to the touch. We do our best to trace the origins of these fibers from our suppliers. Among other considerations, it is important to us that the sheep used to produce our wool are treated humanely.

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Here is an example of the fine wools we are working with:

100% certified organic merino wool (this yarn is used in some of our knits) from a farm in Argentina, the yarn is finished in the United States. An organic yarn means that the sheep are “non-museled” (museled is a term describing the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the breech of a sheep to prevent the parasitic infection) and not mistreated in any way, no pesticides are used and they are shorn in a manner that is safe for the animal. Note: this yarn is not dyed, so it is its natural color. 

The only non-natural fabric we work with is the Ponte di Roma jersey in many of our dresses and tops. Its composition is 62% rayon, 33% nylon, and 5% spandex. While the nylon and spandex are not biodegradable, the rayon is biodegradable and made from wood pulp. We were planning to replace this fabric with an organic cotton and spandex jersey but after much testing decided against it as this jersey was not of high enough quality and durability for our pieces. Unfortunately, the organic cotton jersey had a wrinkled appearance and the colour was fading after only a few washes. We are continuously looking to improve on this fabric as the textile industry is in constant growth. Our hope is to be able to replace it with a natural based fabric of the same quality in the future.

Some notes on our Ponte di Roma and why we like it:

• it is incredibly soft and comfortable.
• the tight weave of this fabric gives it a weight and feel that is extra dense - more than any kind of regular jersey.
• although thicker than regular jersey, the fabric breathes very well and can be worn comfortably even on hot days.
• the black Ponte is virtually fade proof – where we barely see any fading or wear in garments with this fabric even after being washed 50 or more times.
• you can wash it in your regular machine and put it in the dryer on low temperature, it will not shrink because we pre-shrink it before cutting.
• very easy care - no need to iron it, when it’s out of the dryer.
• simply put, it is incredibly durable.