Durable Fabrics

It's not only our fine finishes that are durable, it's the same with our luxurious fabrics as well.

Our favourite (and most frequent) materials we work with are top quality 100% wools from Japan and Italy. These include the thick, high-end brushed wool we make winter outerwear with, and the high quality merino suiting wool used in some of our jackets, skirts, and pants.

The great thing about wool is that it is natural, durable, breathable, and doesn’t wrinkle easily. Not to mention, just how soft and smooth our fine wool fabrics are to the touch. Also of worth noting, the sheep that produce the sublime organic wool yarn we use in our knits is traced and certified as humanely treated.

We also work with beautiful high quality, durable organic cottons mostly from Japan, as well as carefully selected linen blends (we never use natural material mixed with synthetic materials). All of which are chosen not just on looks but on their ecological qualities and long lasting durability.

Finally, some of our dresses and tops are made from dense, soft, and stretchy Ponte di Roma. We have been using this ultra durable fabric for many years because of its many qualities, including being wrinkle-free and easiest of care. It can be machine washed and dried with very little wear or fade, even after dozens of washes. It is not unusual for us to hear from clients that still wear Ponte pieces purchased many, many years ago.