Locally & Ethically Made

We believe investing in our local economy is important, and even more so, that it's imperative we are socially responsible in manufacturing products. That’s why all of our pieces are made in Montreal, and always have been.

Typically, approximately two-thirds of our production is made out of our studio in Montreal. The rest of production comes by way of carefully selected suppliers (sewing, cutting, knitting) located in Montreal.

Every item we sell comes through our studio first, if not manufactured entirely there. Quality control is carried out at each stage of production. Even if an item has a tiny flaw, we won’t sell it here unless it can be 100% corrected first, because for us, consistency in our pieces is essential. Which is also why we have worked with the same superb local suppliers for years.

And our small group of suppliers aren’t only highly skilled and superb at what they do, they pay their workers fairly. Not always a given, even in Canada. Yes, we believe in fair pay for every stitch whether in our own studio or elsewhere and when you buy one of our products you are supporting that as well.

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