High-end, Low impact

We are a high-end garment maker with French couture savoir-faire. We make clothing with the dedicated intention to be a core part of your wardrobe for years to come. That’s why we select premium durable fabrics and use high-end finishes.

The goal is always excellence in every piece – a quest for perfection that doesn’t follow trends. Enduring finishes and style that stands the test of time. And for the minimalists at heart, pieces that allow you to streamline your closet and function with less.

Just as importantly, every effort has been made for each piece to have the lowest possible impact on our planet.

We are locally made; we never over produce, in fact we only produce in micro-batches if not by individual order; we have very low waste, in fact we recycle our excess fabric left from cuttings; we try to source the most durable, low-impact natural fabrics and materials for our pieces.

We are a small and ethical high-end clothing brand.

Here are some details on some choices we’ve made:

-   Our circularity and zero waste mentality extends to our price tags. We transform all our plant based fabric scraps into paper. This beautiful handmade paper is hand printed and cut into our price tags by local Montreal artisans.
-   All our labels are 100% cotton and are made in nearby Toronto by a family business.
-   Plastic-free shipping. We ship in recycled cardboard boxes (printed in Montreal) with paper tape and recycled silk wrapping paper.
-   Through the years, we kept the same tiny garbage bin [16x9x7,5in.] , emptied only once a week.
-   Some of the scraps from our Ponte di Roma jersey pieces are up-cycled into patchwork garment bags used to pack our custom orders.