High-end, Low impact

At ELISA C-ROSSOW, high-end means luxurious, quality materials as well as sublime design and finishes. Our luxury finishes set us apart from ready-to-wear clothing brands. We use high-end couture techniques in the process of making our garments. While more time consuming and technical, the beautiful and more durable seams we sew make it very much worth the effort.

The goal is always excellence in every piece – a quest for perfection that doesn’t follow trends. The result: limited collections of finely crafted versatile pieces that easily complement and elevate the rest of your wardrobe. Enduring style that stands the test of time. And for the minimalists at heart, pieces that allow you to streamline your closet and function with less.

Just as importantly, every effort has been made for each piece to have the lowest possible impact on our planet.

High-end, low impact | ELISA C-ROSSOW

We are locally made; we never over produce; we recycle our excess fabric left from cuttings; we try to source the most durable, low-impact natural fabrics and materials for our pieces. We are a sustainable luxury clothing brand.

In stark contrast to rampant wasteful practices in the fashion industry, the quantity we produce each season is limited and thought out carefully to never have leftover items. NOTHING is thrown away or burnt – we only produce the quantities we are certain to sell (some items are even made to order). Our apologies for any sold out items you may have searched for! (Please contact us if a specific piece you want is sold out – we might be able to do a special production.)

Here are some details on some choices we’ve made:

● Our circularity and zero waste mentality extends to our price tags. We transform all our plant based fabric scraps into paper. This beautiful handmade paper is hand printed and cut into our price tags by local Montreal artisans.
 ● The rest of our leftover fabric from cuttings are donated to Montreal zero waste companies or reused in our studio.
● All our labels are 100% cotton and are made in nearby Toronto by a family business.
● Plastic-free shipping. We ship in recycled cardboard boxes (printed in Montreal) with paper tape and recycled silk wrapping paper.
● Through the years, we kept the same tiny garbage bin [16x9x7,5in.] , emptied only once a week.

High-end, low impact | ELISA C-ROSSOW