Zero Waste


For us, the process is as important as the final product. Which is why Elisa is always striving to achieve zero waste and circularity in production.

From the very beginning of her brand in 2008, Elisaโ€™s philosophy has been to create on a small scale and minimize waste in production while producing everything locally in Montreal. She thinks through each design and pattern to minimize scraps of fabric whether they are zero waste or not.

Even so, the cotton and linen scraps that do occur are upcycled into the labels youโ€™ll find attached to any ELISA C-ROSSOW piece. Thatโ€™s right, working with local artisans, Elisa has them transformed into beautiful handmade paper and then cut and printed into her price tags.

Not only that but the new Apple Leather Maroquinerie collection is entirely zero waste as well. All scraps from the creation of these luxurious bags are used to make the limited keychains in the same collection.

We are very proud of our 100% zero waste pieces.