Her Story

Slow and Steady

Over the years, ELISA C-ROSSOW has gradually but steadily grown as a small company all while maintaining Elisa’s slow fashion, think-local mentality toward luxury design and production.

Her Story | Elisa C-Rossow

From the very beginning of her brand back in 2008, Elisa’s collections have been purposefully absent of colour. Reliably staying to neutral fabrics in black, off-white, creamy natural colours and sometimes grey, her reasoning today is the same as it was then: seasonal colour trends come and go but pieces without colour never go out of style or season; nor does an ELISA C-ROSSOW piece.

Known just as well for her sublime minimal pieces as her love for wearing black head-to-toe, her strong artistic identity and fundamental belief that less is more has always been evident in her work. Not just one identifiable style as much as a minimalism and feminine strength and sophistication she harnesses in one timeless collection after another.

Prior to moving to Canada from France, founding her brand shortly thereafter and later becoming a Canadian citizen, Elisa first explored high-end materials while working for a wedding dress maker in Nice. She went on to study in nouvelle couture at ESMOD Paris School of Fashion Design, where she graduated with honours.

It was there that Elisa had already imagined the core values of the brand. Values that conscious buyers will recognize as the polar opposite of fast-fashion.

Her Story | Elisa C-Rossow