The Rare Savoir-Faire of Elisa

Well-known for her love of wearing black head-to-toe but more so for her strong artistic identity and belief that less is more. The minimalist philosophy of Elisa C-Rossow is at the root of her trademark contemporary and structured style as well as her deliberate absence of colour. Along with the dedicated intention behind each piece in her limited collections, to be a core part of your wardrobe for years to come.

An outspoken advocate for ecological and ethical garment making, Elisa has been invited to speak at numerous public forums on the topic. Her efforts to make her own footprint as tiny as possible go beyond most. Including innovating a practice that carefully transforms her own fabric scraps into the beautiful tags attached to her pieces.

Her slow and steady pace is evident in the consistency she brings to her collections year after year, and also in the way she built her unique little business. From the very beginning of her brand in 2008, Elisa had a slow fashion philosophy, making true quiet luxury pieces before it was a buzzword du jour. As ELLE Canada put it recently, "Elisa C-Rossow does timeless luxury like no other”.

Always produced exclusively locally in Montreal, and on a small scale, Elisa leveraged her own considerable knowledge and expertise over the years with her recognizable French couture savoir-faire. To this day, she makes her own patterns and remains an absolute whiz on a sewing machine.

Best of all, the extraordinary level of service Elisa insists on providing to her dedicated and cherished clientele has only flourished over the years, as her small brand stays true to its roots even after all this time.

Prior to moving to Canada from France, founding her brand shortly thereafter and later becoming a Canadian citizen, Elisa first explored high-end materials while working for a wedding dress maker in Nice. She went on to study in nouvelle couture at ESMOD Paris School of Fashion Design, where she graduated with honours.

It was there that Elisa had already imagined the core values of the brand. Values that conscious consumers will recognize as the polar opposite of fast-fashion.