Apple Leather Maroquinerie Collection


vegan | cruelty free | made from apples | zero-waste | luxury accessories handmade in Montreal, Canada

« Those following my work since the beginning (more than a decade ago!) might remember that I was making leather goods accessories. I stopped doing it years ago because I didn’t want to use real leather anymore. I also didn’t want to use fake/vegan leather as it’s usually pure plastic - like PVC - and it’s not a good replacement, in my eyes, for our planet.

So I was looking around for another solution. A better solution.

That’s when we discovered apple leather. Yes, you read correctly! It’s made of apple waste from apple juice production. It’s 66% bio-based certified USDA and 34% waterborne PU. And it’s important to me that it’s waterborne PU, it means that it’s NMP free, and that means the manufacturing process is much safer for humans (and bees!) and far less harmful to our planet than ordinary PU manufacturing, information I got from an engineer specializing in eco-materials.

Ethical, vegan, and cruelty-free accessories that feel as luxurious as real leather. Handmade in Montreal, by a maroquinier with luxury expertise and a traditional savoir-faire (know-how). Made to order with zero-waste in production as all scraps are upcycled into limited keychains.» -Elisa